The 2019 Spring Clinic will highlight a ‘Finishing Clinic’ and a ‘Goalkeeping Clinic’.  The Finishing Clinic will cover all aspects of creating, finishing, shooting and scoring goals while the Goalkeeping Clinic will cover all aspects of shot stopping, distribution, diving and saving goals.

  • Co-ed clinics to gain an advantage over your competition
  • Sessions include: ball mastery, dribbling (1v1 | 2v2), going 2 goal, transition exercises and small sided games
  • Main focal points are technical development and decision making under pressure
  • Support system for your child’s growth and self-confidence
  • Clinics vary from 3-4 hours depending on location

Spring Clinics (Ages 5-16)

Event Venue Date
Spring Clinic | Girsh Turf, Santa Barbara | March 28-29 Girsh Turf - Goleta
  • March 28, 2019 9:00 am