Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will lunch be provided?

We do not provide lunch at any of our day programs. Please provide your child with a healthy field snack, water and lunch.

2. What does my child need for the first day?

During check-in the first day, we will provide a ONE. jersey, socks and a ball. Your child will need to bring a lunch/snack and the proper footwear (tennis shoes/cleats ok).

3. Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, we will provide a credit that can be applied to any of our camps for up to one year. Please note: NO REFUNDS.

4. Can I move my registration?

We are able to move registrations from child to child, week to week or family to family.

5. I have not received an email about camp.

We send out an informational email detailing what to bring/expect the Friday before camp starts. If you did not receive this email, please contact us at:

6. Do I need to provide my child’s size, and when will they receive their ONE. gear?

During the child’s first day of check-in, coaches will ask sizes and pass out any gear already purchased. There will also be additional gear for sale.

7. How can I purchase towels and bedding for the overnight residential camp?

Once you receive a camp email, please follow the instructions provided.

8. Where do I send my child’s medical information?

Please print out our medical release/ liability form and bring them filled out to the first day of camp.

9. Who should I write my check out to?

one. Soccer Schools

10. I only want to attend a few days of the camp. Do you have a walk-in option?

Yes, we have a walk-in option available. Please bring a printed out medical release/liability form and either cash or a check.