Host Family Information

We are excited to launch our 2021 Summer Registration and celebrate 22 years of excellence in the soccer industry.  This summer we will be traveling to 12 plus states and looking forward working with close to 3,000 athletes across the United States and throughout the world.  We are now looking for host families who would be interested in housing coaches during our summer travels.   The one. Staff Coaches are very passionate about soccer and working with children.  Many of these experiences create memorable stays and long lasting friendships for everyone.

What you receive:

  • Camp Scholarship (1 Free Camp Voucher)
  • A fun, educational and rewarding experience for your child and family

Key points:

  • one. Staff Coaches work in the mornings and afternoons (6am-5:00pm).
  • There is no expectation to entertain the coaches – you will find the coaches quite entertaining themselves!
  • They will have their own rental car transportation.  Transportation is not required (If they do not have a car other coaching staff will be responsible to transport them during the week).
  • one. Staff Coaches are professionally qualified coaches, experienced in working with children and with multiple background checks.
    Hosting lasts one week, (starting on Saturday/Sunday night) over the week of camp (Some areas have 2 week programs). This would be discussed with the host family and solely dependent on the host family availability.


  • Suitable sleeping arrangements – coaches cannot share rooms with family members.
  • Some family meals if appropriate – you can set your own rules with regard to mealtimes.  Providing breakfasts and dinners would be appreciated.
  • Access to laundry and showering facilities.
  • Any house rules or routines that you wish the one. Staff Coaches to adhere to.


For more information please visit: 
one. Soccer Schools 2020 Summer Programs

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in hosting (or has a spare guest room they do not mind lending to one of the coaches) please contact Jeff K. Johnson or Lloyd Biggs, Owners and Directors of one. Soccer Schools.

Contact details are as follows:  Jeff K. Johnson  (c) 805-452-4952 or Lloyd Biggs (c) 805-708-7533.