Refund Policy:

Due to so many fixed costs for our program (facilities, insurance, equipment, gear, coaches contracts, travel, etc.) we have a strict NO REFUND policy, no matter the circumstance. We will work to assist you by providing a credit for our programs or transfering a registration to another player where available. If a camp registration is cancelled within three weeks of the camp’s start date, credits will not exceed 50%. We will provide refunds for camps within 24 hours of a purchase made during our early registration period. Any purchase made during standard or late registration will receive a credit only.

Promotion and Discount Code Policy:

Promo codes must be used at the time of purchase to receive the discounted rate. We do not provide refunds or discounts to any registration retroactively. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. You are always welcome to call or email us prior to purchase to enquire about discounts and special promotional prices.

Force Majeure & Inclement Weather Policy:

Due to so many fixed costs for our programs we are unable to provide refunds due to force majeure events or inclement weather. We will provide a credit for the portion of the camp missed. Junior’s programs will receive a credit of $20 a day per day missed and premier programs will receive a credit of $30 a day per day missed. There are no credits provided for the Jett Project, Friday Clinics, Spring/Fall/Winter Clinics or After School programs. We will always try to schedule a make up session or move facilities to accommodate these weather and force majeure events. We will always look to use a location within 30 minutes, preferably less, of the original location.

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